About Us

Only the best microcontroller-based devices designed and manufactured by Eastern European and European brands have been selected for you by our team of professionals and represented here, on https://relaysales.com. Some of the devices we are able to supply have no analogues along with an excellent quality-price ratio. Our mission is to make these solutions available anywhere in the world. 

RelaySales is designed to popularize high-performance devices that include large experience and innovative technologies.

We have become the official representative of Novatek-Electro LLC, a company that has been developing and manufacturing microcontroller-based protection and automation devices for more than 20 years and has branches in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and India. Novatek-Electro LLC has also developed its own monitoring cloud service “Overvis”,  compatible with the devices of other brands and free for the company's customers.

All of the devices we supply are tested and certified in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.