EM-482 provides an effortless way to set up remote control of your industrial equipment using the free web-SCADA Overvis.

Manage remotely and gather analytics from:

  • HVAC systems controllers
  • Agricultural smart devices
  • Refrigeration controllers
  • Power network relays, meters and other equipment
  • Industrial IoT devices
  • Industrial sensors and meters (with the use of OB-215/OB-216)
  • Any other MODBUS-compatible electronics

Connect multiple devices situated in different physical sites under one account. Scale your monitoring solution according to your needs.


Data collection:

  • Gather operational data points (any numeric values) from your equipment.
  • Store history of operational data, get insights and analytics.
  • Collected data is fully exportable (Excel, CSV).

SMS and email notifications:

  • Configure alarms for operational parameters thresholds or connection errors.
  • Set up a “chain of responsibility” requiring alarm confirmations from personnel and escalating them on the absence of response.
  • All alarm actions are logged and ready for review.

Real-time monitoring and control:

  • Create dashboards with real-time information received from the equipment.
  • Visualize the data using open SVG format. Use Google Maps API to display objects’ locations.
  • Use JavaScript and Overvis API to set up quick action controls for operation personnel.

And more:

  • Use templates to quickly create devices and alarms.
  • Manage access levels for different accounts inside one organization.
  • Works with dynamic IPs and bypasses firewalls.
  • Optimized mobile access.
  • Industry-standard encryption.

Overvis API allows the automation of control and can be used to load data into other management systems.


  • EM-482 serves as a gateway between MODBUS RTU (RS-485) and MODBUS TCP (over Wi-Fi).
  • Supports MODBUS RTU/ASCII.
  • Provides an integrated web-interface to manage settings and update the firmware.


  1. Connect EM-482 to your equipment by RS-485 line. Please consult the operating manual for details.
  2. Set up an Internet Wi-Fi connection on EM-482. Press and hold the “R” button until the “POW” indicator starts glowing red, access Wi-Fi named “EM482”, open http://em.com/ in your browser. Select your main Wi-Fi endpoint name from the drop-down list, fill in the password, save and restart.
  3. Access a unique link on the EM-482 label to connect your equipment to the Overvis server. You will be able to create a free account and set up your equipment using a smart wizard form.

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Web access Wi-fi controller EM-482

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